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Welcome to Velingrad
Velingrad is situated in the region of Pazardjik district – in the North - west part of Rhodopa Mountain. At 1948 the administration of three villages – Lajene, Chepino and Kamenitsa took a decision for unification. That is the birthday of the famous balneological resort Velingrad. After the unification Velingrad become a leading cultural, economic and administrative center in the region of North-west Rhodopi.

Situated in the picturesque Chepino valley, roundabout venerable oaks and pine-trees, Velingrad is the most popular place for rest and medication in Bulgaria. It is also famous with its perfect climatic conditions – an open winter and cool summer.

Thanks to the unique natural resources, Velingrad is a place for development of tourist business. Here you can find a lot of luxury hotels, SPA centers and private guest houses, where you can spend your vacation.

Those who are interested in fishing can visit the numerous lakes and reservoirs around Velingrad – Dospat, Belmeken, Batak…
The surrounding nature of Velingrad is the right place for picnics and excursions.
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